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Re: [E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 23:40:33 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com>

>    Carsten writes:
> > > 
> > > 1. add api to evas itself to provide  size "hints" to loaders
> > > (load at size XxY at maximum and retain aspect) as well as dpi
> > > hints (you will want both eventually).
> > > 2. add api to loaders to be able to do this.
> > > 3. actually use this api in the svg loader
> > > 4. for shits & giggles try it in the jpeg loader too   :)  
> > 
> > all of this done  :)  works. rsvg/cairo do have bugs with inkscape
> > svg's that use clipping - they don't transform the clipped objects.
> > :(  so it only works at 90dpi (no scaling by rsvg/cairo) for those
> > files i have. anyway - rscg/cairo bug
> 	Maybe do 4. for all image loaders (using the scaling funcs)?

well right now the only loaders than can get a scale-down "for free" on load
are svg and jpeg - the others wouldn't get it "for free" (they would need to do
a full decode and then scale). so i haven't bothered. i have it on e17's
optimization todo to maybe add a scale cache.

try cross-fading 2 1600x1200 bg's that are scaled up from 1280x1024 - and do it
smoothly where every frame you upscale and interpolate as well as blend :) if u
pre-scale to 1600x1200 the crossfade is smooth. anyway - a scale cache should
pick this up runtime irrespective of usage so handle that anyway :)

> 	As to the rsvg/cairo bugs... Well, let's give them a break -
> they're trying to do some complex, messy stuff. No doubt they'll
> get whatever clipping issues worked out soon.

sure! i'm not really complaining. this is the first i i mentioned it - it's a
new feature of inskcape to do clipped objects so likely not heavily tested.
i'll leave them to it :) even inkscape seems to have issues with it! :(

> 	Then maybe see if these svg files can be used as 'external'
> edje theme sources... :)

or even inlined into the .edj.... :) maybe eventually. right now they CAN be
used in edje - but they get converted to bitmaps at 90dpi... :)

> 	I saw your mention of a vector renderer "antigrain" and
> looked it up.. Seems very complete, and very nice pictures.

try the demos!  :)

> 	But it looks very large and complex - it may be larger than
> rsvg + glib + cairo. It also doesn't seem to be installed by default
> on most systems (wasn't on my SuSE 10). As to "fast"... well, that's
> a very relative term. It doesn't look like it was made with real-time
> gui-rendering in mind.. but who knows.

try the demos.... and see... yes you are right - it's not default. it's a big
fat c++ monster. to use it we'd need to bridge it with a c wrapper. i would be
hesitant to use it - but the demos were really fast. it was impressive -
considering what it does and can do and its completeness.

> 	NB - Update on the premul stuff: I've finished nearly all
> of it, but as grads were the objs most affected and required a
> considerable amount of reworking, I've taken the opportunity to
> address some grad things that came up during Brian's work on grads
> for edje.
> 	It may take me a couple more days to finish that up as well.

ok- excellent. btw - i have a tonne of your mails to get back to and all those
threads on evoak level stuff that turran is doing etc. i'm not ignoring it - i
think i am just going to compress it into 1 big massive uber-mail :)

and the "shaped gradients" i need to get back to you on - maybe we can re-visit
that post-premul? anyway - not ignoring - trying to wade through a massive
backlog :)

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