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Re: [E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

   Carsten writes:

> > 
> > 1. add api to evas itself to provide  size "hints" to loaders
> > (load at size XxY at maximum and retain aspect) as well as dpi
> > hints (you will want both eventually).
> > 2. add api to loaders to be able to do this.
> > 3. actually use this api in the svg loader
> > 4. for shits & giggles try it in the jpeg loader too   :)  
> all of this done  :)  works. rsvg/cairo do have bugs with inkscape
> svg's that use clipping - they don't transform the clipped objects.
> :(  so it only works at 90dpi (no scaling by rsvg/cairo) for those
> files i have. anyway - rscg/cairo bug

	Maybe do 4. for all image loaders (using the scaling funcs)?

	As to the rsvg/cairo bugs... Well, let's give them a break -
they're trying to do some complex, messy stuff. No doubt they'll
get whatever clipping issues worked out soon.
	Then maybe see if these svg files can be used as 'external'
edje theme sources... :)

	I saw your mention of a vector renderer "antigrain" and
looked it up.. Seems very complete, and very nice pictures.
	But it looks very large and complex - it may be larger than
rsvg + glib + cairo. It also doesn't seem to be installed by default
on most systems (wasn't on my SuSE 10). As to "fast"... well, that's
a very relative term. It doesn't look like it was made with real-time
gui-rendering in mind.. but who knows.

	NB - Update on the premul stuff: I've finished nearly all
of it, but as grads were the objs most affected and required a
considerable amount of reworking, I've taken the opportunity to
address some grad things that came up during Brian's work on grads
for edje.
	It may take me a couple more days to finish that up as well.