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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 17:13:26 -0400 Christopher Michael <cpmichael1@comcast.net>

> For myself, I'd prefer either xsm or plain html. Xsm because I am used 
> to it from get-e.org and plain html because I'm familiar with that too 
> :) As far as Ruby on Rails I can't really say because I've never used it 
> before.

plain html is not an option - it doesn't scale. do you hand-edit every page to
add a link in a navigation bar? you need some form of templating and
auto-generation at least so things like navigation links are set up once and
generated per page. (yes you can use frames - and i can also rip your limbs off
with a blunt spoon too! :))

> Also, I do not think that either benr or andy should be left out of 
> this. Benr because he is/was maintainer and may one day want/be able to 
> work on the site again. Andy because he's maintaining the xsm and can 
> also submit content himself. Granted the "full time" maintainers 
> "should" imho, have the most say as they will be using it most of the 
> time, but lets try not to exclude others that may want to help.
> As far as rasties integrating the desktop/web site, I had some 
> discussion with him about this a while ago. Basically, the ultimate goal 
> is to integrate a "live help" system that would fetch updated faqs, help 
> files, etc etc and also allow users to add an faq entry, or submit an 
> updated help item. How this system will eventually pan out may have some 
> bearing on how the site is handled, or it may not. Not much of this has 
> been actively discussed yet, and I'm not trying to divert this 
> discussion to there, just mentioning what I know.

this would simply involve the www server serving plain files at known fixed
url's (eg http://www/enlightenment.org/edata/faqs/faq.txt - would just be a
text file with the faq formatted simply - maybe with minimal formatting etc.
etc. - you get the idea - much like debian's apt repositories) so it's only a
matter of providing such files at given well-known url's (and maybe providing
indexes to them etc.). if faq's are user contributed via the www site - then
the www site needs to be abel to process, and convert the faq's into such a
format. until such a format is specified - it's a moot point :)

> </end_my_2_cents> (for now)
> Cheers,
> devilhorns
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