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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 14:04:22 -0400 Michael Jennings <e-devel@kainx.org> babbled:

> On Monday, 11 September 2006, at 15:49:22 (+0300),
> Eugen Minciu wrote:
> > There's www.enlightenment.org and www.e-develop.org and
> > www.get-e.org. This really seems like a far stretch to me, imho
> > there should be just one www.enlightenment.org
> edevelop.org is geared toward developers, not users.  I agree that
> there should not be a get-e.org, but there is.  It's far more
> political than practical (as to why it exists), but the bottom line is
> this:  Those who contribute to get-e refuse to contribute to
> enlightenment.org, and that's their choice.
> > This CMS you guys are using is ... not so good (to put it
> > lightly). Generally, one probably doesn't need a CMS but you do need
> > some sort of way to edit content quickly.
> It does have the advantage of serving static pages.  I couldn't name
> any other advantages, though.  Then again, no one has seen fit to
> provide me (or a number of other developers, from what I gather) with
> an account, so...

All you have to do is ask... :)

but i think this may be an issue - xsm provides to "automatic account
creation" (much like wiki's etc.) where you just register, provide an email, it
mails back confirmation etc. etc. to make sure it's a "real person", or even
has an account approval queue - either way - it's a barrier of entry.

> > I have some experience with Ruby on Rails so I'm thinking I could
> > create your website and so on. If you want this done quickly, you'll
> > probably have to go for either XSM or another CMS.
> > 
> > If not, I could write something that's tailored for your needs.
> Thanks, but I think we'd rather not.  Not many of us know or use Ruby,
> and some of the most fundamental Ruby software (Rake!) is broken.  I'd
> rather stick with something more mature and more supported by the
> developers.
> On Monday, 11 September 2006, at 08:51:54 (-0500),
> brian.mattern@gmail.com wrote:
> > I like this idea. Personally, I was never clear on where either of
> > the two 'other' domains came from. They just popped up and started
> > serving content.
> Pet projects.
> > I'm assuming two different sets of people were frustrated with the
> > limitations of hosting e.org on sf.net and independently went about
> > rectifying things. (I'm not saying theres anything wrong with that
> > :) )
> Not exactly, but close enough.
> Like I said, it was more political than practical.
> Michael
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