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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Monday, 11 September 2006, at 13:55:25 (-0700),
Blake Barnett wrote:

> 3.  Foreign codebase.
> This is an old problem, where 1 person writes a huge chunk of code
> and then it's hard for a team to collaborate on it.  If we want to
> be able to add features to merge the websites (get-e.org and
> edevelop.org), a move to a standard framework like Rails would make
> this easier for more people to contribute, add features, make
> changes, etc.  Personally I can't invest time delving into the code
> for XSM, I've invested time in Rails because of it's community and
> standardized way of doing things.

Andy?  Comments?

> Andy told me he didn't have time to do most of these things.
> However, if the only thing we need is more updates, and a
> reorganization of information.  By all means, stick with XSM!  Maybe
> even merge get-e.org.  But edevelop.org provides a lot more than
> what XSM is capable of.  (And edevelop.org is fairly crappy in my
> opinion, Drupal has issues too.  Another reason I'd like to work on
> a redesign.)  Raster himself said he wanted to be able to add
> additional features to integrate the desktop and the website...

If we (primarily raster) decide that XSM does not do what we need, and
can/will not do so any time soon, *then* other solutions come into
play.  Have we reached that point yet?  I personally don't think we've
heard nearly enough from HandyAndE to be there.


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