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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed


i think we have three maintainers for now: Shadoi doing the development
stuff part, me and devilhorns doing the users stuff part. This can be
moved to e.org. I think the main problem is that everyone want's to work
differently on e.org . Shadoi using ruby on rails (whatever this is, i
have no glue), me using plain html files in cvs and devilhorns... - well
he can talk for his own. I suggest to simply ask the maintainers, which
will work on e.org - us three. I accept that Handyandy wanted to talk
about that, but he don't maintain something. Even the other people here.

So for me, i would suggest using plain html files, which can be easily
committed to a cvs server, and that's it. There is some prework to do,
but this would be also need to do if we would switch to ${cms}.

So what do the others want to use?

Brian 'morlenxus' Miculcy

On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 11:29:11PM +0300, Hisham Mardam Bey wrote:
> Hello folks,
> This email is not in direct response to any of the previous replies,
> it is the result of a discussion that took place on #edevelop between
> (mainly) shadoi, devilhorns, morlenxus, and myself (HandyAndy was also
> consulted, as he is directly concerned in all of this).
> The current situation is that we have e.org (terribly unmaintained),
> get-e.org (mainly user docs, themes, general resources), and edevelop
> (developer information, developer blogs, development news, info about
> development projects).
> The suggestion that took place on irc was mainly that we merge the
> three separate efforts into a single entity (e.org) and have the
> corresponding teams work together to do what they do best, maintain
> the content, keep it up to date, and make sure its in tip-top shape
> around the clock.
> This thread is currently discussing what to use, and how to do things.
> Our discussion on irc suggested that since we already have a general
> idea about who the team will consist of, we should primarily let that
> team (while keeping everyone up to speed via the mailing list) decide
> on what they would like to use and how things should be done. They
> will be updating e.org the most, so we should cater to what they will
> enjoy the most to make sure they do their jobs as best as possible.
> Prior to diving into the "what to use" discussion (which should be a
> new thread), the team, again using the mailing list so we can all chip
> in, should decide on how the new e.org should be organized and who
> will be doing what tasks. The team will coordinate internally and
> decide on who does what (and when) and will make sure that the website
> is always up to date and in mint condition.
> Let us try to work positively towards getting this entire matter on
> the right track so we can do more work and less rambling.
> Best Regards,
> CodeWarrior.
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