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[E-devel] xrender_x11 engine: identity transform workaround

this is about the FIXME in evas_engine_xrender.c:493.

If the depth of the surface is 1, we're passing a scaled variant of the
identity matrix to the picture.

All scaled variants of the identity should be treated the same in the
render implementation, but apparently they aren't.

I just fixed xorg-server so that setting a scaled variant of the
identity is a no-op, too. That means if you pass the identity to
XRenderSetPictureTransform(), the function will just exit and not use
any transform at all.

This might expose a in the render implementation raster experienced the
source-depth == 1 bug in.

I'd like to remove the FIXME and that chunk of code, since it's
officially pointless. Should we really work around stupid driver bugs?
It also won't work in xorg 7.2+ :D

May I remove that chunk or do you want to keep it? Patch attached.


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