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Re: [E-devel] update of ja.po for e16

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:28:14 +0200,
   Kim Woelders <kim@woelders.dk> wrote:

| Yasufumi Haga wrote:
| > Hi all
| >
| > This is an update of ja.po for e16 as of
| > September 11.
| >
| Thanks, committed :)
| You are aware that there are a number of untranslated (fuzzy marked)
| items, like the labels in the new combined settings dialog, right?

Yes, I'm aware that there are some fuzzy entries in my ja.po file.
One reason is that I can't find the new dialog. I guessed it wasn't
implemented yet because there was no menu entry to show the dialog in
the menu shown by clicking the background. How can I display the
dialog? Is it already available?
The other reason is that I can't make use of the composite function
of X because the X I'm using is a bit old and don't have the function. :)
So the composite function stuffs are untranslated in my ja.po file.


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