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Re: [E-devel] e17 feature request

Cameron Frazier wrote:
Hello all,

When windows have titles that are of considerable length (Firefox @ Fark
and XMMS whilst streaming are notable culprits), the window list dialog
can be rather wide, cumbersomely so.

I am requesting the feature that the window listing dialog is limited to
a max width, with the offending window title being truncated in some
manner.  Also, if the max width could be user definable through the
configuration menu, with the option of no truncation, it would allow the
user to set it to their preference.

If this comes, it should be optional IMHO (as it was proposed). The window list may be wide, but at least for me the title bears some useful information. Especially now when there's a bug with the ibox/tasbar/titlebar which makes them confuse the application icons. At the moment, almost all of my about 20 windows are shown with the terminal icon, which makes them hard to distinguish without a title ;-). I guess it has to do with the FDO stuff that is in the progress of being implemented/rewritten. I guess I should send a different post for that bug...

Cheers,   Nick.