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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:38:30 +0900
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <raster@rasterman.com> wrote:

I noticed that, and I've also noticed a couple of other things that may not be so apparent to you guys.

There's www.enlightenment.org and www.e-develop.org and www.get-e.org. This really seems like a far stretch to me, imho there should be just one www.enlightenment.org

This CMS you guys are using is ... not so good (to put it lightly). Generally, one probably doesn't need a CMS but you do need some sort of way to edit content quickly.

I have some experience with Ruby on Rails so I'm thinking I could create your website and so on. If you want this done quickly, you'll probably have to go for either XSM or another CMS.

If not, I could write something that's tailored for your needs.

I thought about this a little and this is how I think this site should be layed out:

 - general
 - e16
 - e17
 - efl
 - news
 - screenshots
 - documentation
 - download
   - e16
   - e17
   - themes
   - backgrounds
   - etc...
 - news
 - documentation
   - core libraries
   - widget sets
   - programming guides/howtos
   - api references
   - todo items
 - cvs
contact us

Here's a little bit about these items
about: small introduction to e. Don't go into details, that's for the documentation.

news both in users and developers. Generally this news differs. You should have two checkboxes for each news item, allowing you to post it either to only one of the two, or to both. 

documentation in both places. user documentation is not developer documentation so they should be separate.

screenshots: a mini-gallery sort of thing. maybe with videos too

download: both releases and daily (nightly) snapshots.

api references: maybe they should be rebuilt automatically? (or maybe just manualy, but we all know where that leads to :) )

todo items should be automatically extracted from the TODO files of each application/library.

cvs: maybe a web ui for cvs along with info on how to get it

bugs: small 'contact us' sort of thingie. user is required to fill in what he sees in an image (to prevent spam). Once he posts, this is automatically routed to the devel list, or maybe some new ml created just for that (since people will probably send lots of useless reports, report bugs that have been fixed, complain about e not building because they don't have foo etc.). Let them upload a core, etc.

the other items should be fairly self explanatory.

So here are a couple of sugestions about this stuff:
1) Don't bother with a cute interface to edit content. Just use a markup language. (like you edit a wiki)
2) news can be posted, either from an application (with a web service) or from an email (with some encryption). First would probably be easier.
3) you can use a webservice to allow users to download and install themes etc. directly from www.enlightenment.org
4) api references should be automatically generated, speaking of automatic here's another idea (or brainfart, depending on how you see it)
5) have the server try to build the current version of e (or maybe a separate build machine). Constantly show a status of what builds and doesnt build on www.enlightenment.org (sorry if this is too SF, just a thought)
6) todo items come from the TODO files. maybe use the same markup in the todo files as well. you could do it both ways (add todo items in the files based on bug reports)

Now ... I can't say all of this stuff is easy to build. But it can be built. I think I could actually make a page like what I've just babbled about for enlightenment.

It would require quite a bit of time. But I need the RoR experience and any way to help you guys out would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :d 

If you want this to happen quick then just go for an existing CMS or wever, if you think you this stuff is actually worthwhile (worth the wait) then let me know, let's discuss what you guys need and I'll begin working on it ;)


> On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 08:48:51 -0500 brian.mattern@gmail.com babbled:
> > As many may have noticed, e's official website, enlightenmnet.org is
> > pretty painfully out of date. The screenshots on the front page are all
> > from e16, and there have been a total of 3 news items this year.
> yup. i have been mulling what to do about this for a while.
> FYI we are getting a new box - donated to us from coolcheeze (from the arcane
> linux project - he also does consulting and box building). a fairly beefy box.
> it will be on 100mbit at osuosl and has a fair bit of juice (dual opteron, 2gb
> ram, sata raid). i am thinking
> 1. anoncvs will move here.
> 2. move www for e.org here - now we have 100% control over what we can run and
> how it runs. we can trivially run scripts to auto-build daily tarballs (make
> dist ones) and more. i think this may make a good case for e.org re-vamps to
> accommodate such things - and maybe a complete re-design. our current layout
> has been with us for many years (the logic - not the imagery) and it might be
> time to trim it down and make it more accessible.
> i have been thinking we need simple links:
> -----------
> about
> news
> screenshots
> download
> bugs
> contact
> -----------
> documentation
> cvs
> debugging
> 0.16
> 0.17
> core libraries
> widget sets
> ...
> and that's about it. there is a little bit too much to wade through - also it's
> not named with common conventions (get enlightenment instead of download for
> example).
> we can put documentation and that stuff as maybe extra links below the main
> ones, but the main common ones in big bold and easy to find links (maybe the
> front page just becomes a quick header, 3 line blurb and big fat image links to
> the most common sections listed first above (6 of them).
> > I know Ben (the peudo-official web maintainer) has been super busy with
> > work and Opensolaris, and has a personal distaste for CMSs (such as the
> > one e.org currently uses, XSM). I believe the whole point of originally
> > moving to a CMS was to allow a much larger group of people to contribute
> > to the site's content, but that hasn't happened yet.
> indeed. i am wondering if it ever will. maybe the experiment failed?
> > So, I'd like to propose that we do a few things. 
> > 
> > First, restructure the front page to contain a brief description of what
> > the Enlightenment project is, followed by news items that get regularly
> > updated. Whenever an asparagus release is made, a note should be added.
> > Whenever new fun features are added, or obscure bugs finally squashed, a
> > note should be added. We needed at least two or three people who are
> > familiar enough with whats going on to take on these responsibilities.
> sure. we also need to make this easy to do - maybe even automated?
> > Next, I know there have been a few issues with XSM and
> > sf.net. When a change is made, the entire site is rebuilt and re-uploaded to
> > sf.net. This can take a few minutes, and isn't always successful (sometimes
> > resulting in a blank front page). Is there any chance we could move
> > e.org onto a non-sf server (one that we can have XSM running locally
> > on)? Would CaOS be willing to host the website also? (its static, so
> > shouldn't be much more load on top of cvs).
> see above. will be happening in the next 1-3 weeks. people will get accounts -
> appropriate people will get root access etc. etc. :) this can be the beginning
> of our online empire to rule the world... MUAHAHHAHAHAH. just kidding - but it
> will allow us to provide online services to E itself later - like online update
> to help/faq docs so users can find help on what they want more quickly without
> needing to launch web browsers etc.
> > Finally, I think we need some sort of intro doc on how to use XSM, and
> > a small guideline doc on what goes where on the website.
> sure - either that or not use xsm? xsm has been good - it has solved problems.
> it will run much better locally on the same box, but will it scale nicely to
> auto-listing generated tarball snapshots from a directory for us? we will need
> to pre-generate pages from templates in scripts, or do them dynamically with php
> etc. (much like enlightenment.freedesktop.org does - its very simple php to
> collate a set of generated tarballs)
> > I know there's a web list, but I first wanted to discuss this here,
> > since it involves possibly moving servers.
> > 
> > Let me know what ya'll think.
> and finally i'm getting back to it... hooray! :) some of this will be solved
> soon - the question is how to move forward from there? how do we make it easier
> for people to provide news and articles? xsm has not proven effective so far in
> making that happen. what can we do?
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