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Re: [E-devel] Premultiply or not

> >	Anyway... I think it might be best to let the edc format
> > stay as it is (non-premul colors), and have edje do the
> > conversion, not edje_cc. If desired, a later edje can have other
> > types and/or versions of 'design-formats', like edc, and one can
> > do whatever.. There are possibilities for things that are very
> > interesting with premul colors, and having evas handle premul
> > colors, as given, would allow for that.
> agreed - now i have had time to mull. break the color_set - make
> it premul. we have anon-premul-import for convenience, and we
> modify all the code we can 0 edje converts at runtime before
> color_set when using config valued in the .edj.  ;) 

	Ok, I'll try and finish things off over the weekend and
see if I can send it over Mon or Tues.

	I'm not satisfied with the premul vs non-premul color_set
issue either.. it sucks either way for one reason or other.

	For the eet and edb image loaders.. evas will convert to
premul from what they serve and leave eet/edb themselves alone --
or do you want to change those as well?