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Re: [E-devel] Evas & Evoak future changes

   Brian writes:

> >	To me the main issue is not really a 'technical' one pre se,
> > it's do people really want, and want to help with, such changes?
> > 
> Right now, I think the response you're going to get from most of
> us is: "Wait until e17 is out the door." Evas may have issues, but,
> our main focus at this time is getting a long awaited product
> released and in the wild.
> However, this does mean that Evas will also be "in the wild",
> making drastic API changes more painful on end users of the
> library. So, maybe we should prioritize the changes (premul
> seems a higher up candidate).

	The only api 'change' that I know of anyone having in mind
is the change to premul semantics. But as far as large or radical
api changes, evas has already had some.. eg. the textblock.
	Part of the benefit of having loadable object types is to
minimize the need for such things happening. But mostly it's to
provide a better base on which to build - to build apps, not to
fiddle with the lib for the hell of it. If people don't understand
this then I don't know what to tell you.

> I just don't think that we should take what little dev time we
> have and suck it into overhauling evas (which, unfortunately,
> is 'good enough' for our current purposes).

	Then it's likely not going to happen and will thus stay
'good enough' until deemed otherwise. A concensus needs to be
reached on what needs work and what doesn't.. it can't be carried
or be decided on by one person alone, wether it be me or Carsten
or whomever.. Some things can be done here and there, but major
work needs more than that.

> Maybe we just need to clarify what changes are planned when we
> release so that potential users of the lib will be aware of them?