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Re: [E-devel] Evas (evas_fb_test) crashing on 8bps framebuffers


On Tuesday 05 September 2006 17:11, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> > Of course I did not expect anyone to fix it for me, I just wanted to know
> > from the Evas overguru if said steps would be needed to address this.
> >
> > I noticed this because I'm right now working on the third user-space
> > boot screen (splash) project because usplash and splashy are just
> > crap all over.
> >
> > I think some few lines of glue code with Evas doing the rendering would
> > be a awesome alternative. Maybe I come back in some days with some
> > real world code ,-)
> excellent! - though note - it is very easy to just run in 16bpp or 24bpp -
> these days there is no excuse not to run in 16bpp at least. the difference
> in quality between 8 and 16 is ENORMOUS and there isn't a "sane" gfx card
> today that can't do 16bpp - if it can do 8. if you are doing graphical
> splashes... it can be in 16bpp - or 24/32 :) trust me though - the quality
> difference is amazing. 8bpp just looks completely awful if you need to do
> generic rendering and thus pre-allocate a color-cube palette. :(

Yes, I know - I'm quite a bit in the graphic business as well ,-) Though I
also have some good old machines such as SPARC Stations around
and usually want to write code in a way to not interfere with such older
machines people still (might) want to use. Also I might even need a
working 16 color fallback for the rare case neither vesafb nor a card
specific fb driver takes over and it runs on the plain VGA FB console,


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