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Re: [E-devel] Evas & Evoak future changes


        I thought about getting back to this some time in the future,
but if you and maybe Jorge ar willing to give this a try, then it may
be better to go ahead and try and finish it off now -- it would be
very useful in many other ways as well, especially since much of the
image rendering pipeline needs to be redone in order to get image
fill rotation to happen.

        I tell you what, let me look things over a bit during the
weekend, and if you like you and maybe Jorge can do the same...
maybe discuss it with others on the list who have some experience
with evas/objects/engines.... and we can take it up again on Mon
or Tues, and maybe Carsten can add some thoughts.

i think we need to actually write what are our main goals with this,
not only "rewrite some internal evas stuff".
what i would like to have on evas is:

- simplify the creation of render engines.
- support font engines. freetype should be one of them.
- make objects be modules too
- actually make objects render by themselves to an argb buffer
- split huge headers into smaller ones.
- support for a mechanism to make evoak work nicely with evas
(callbacks, remote engine, whatever)
- (add more)

        This is the kind of thing that would really benefit from
having an "experimental" CVS version of evas..  Understand though
that it would mean quite a bit of work to get it all done.. a lot
has to be re-written.

indeed, a cvs dir to experiment with evas would be nice, maybe i can
put it on proto?


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