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[E-devel] Evas (evas_fb_test) crashing on 8bps framebuffers


most framebuffer drivers (nvidia, radeon, ...) default to 8bps and all non-x86
machines such as PPC ones run this per default. However Evas (evas_fb_test)
crashes on 8bps because no convert function is matched and crashes in

evas_fb_outbuf_fb_get_height (buf=0x0) at evas_outbuf.c:365

because the buffer is nil - which is returned by:

evas_fb_outbuf_fb_setup_fb(w, h, rot, OUTBUF_DEPTH_INHERIT, vt, dev, refresh);

which in turn calls:

evas_common_convert_func_get (dest=0x0, w=1024, h=768, depth=8, rmask=255, 
gmask=255, bmask=255,
    pal_mode=PAL_MODE_NONE, rotation=0) at evas_convert_main.c:15

Maybe someone with more evas internals in mind can help fixing this
up properly?


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