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Re: [E-devel] C++ bindings for EFL?


as Koen and Justin have already pointed out, I'm working on the C++
bindings for EFL.

> - Does someone know about their development activity?

IIRC I started EFL++ back in 2004 and until mid-2005, it was regularly
worked on.
In the last 12 months I couldn't do much on it because I was pretty busy
with other things. I'm afraid this won't change until the end of this
year, but I'm definitly planning to keep the bindings alive.

> - Are these libraries on topic here?

Given that this list is already high-volume, I don't think we should
clutter it even more with C++ specific questions. I have just created
eflpp-devel mailing list at
http://linuxtogo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo which should be the right

>- Is a C++ bindings developer on this list?

Here I am.

Since you already found the project page, you know about the status of
the bindings. It is by no means complete and there are a lot of issues,
but as you can see by compiling the example programs, there's already a
critical amount of code that makes it usable (to me, at least).

I have concentrated on evas(-fb) and edje until now, because these are
the things I need for my own projects (Installer and BootManager for the
forthcoming Angstrom Linux Distribution for Embedded Devices). Etk and
Ewl definitly should be the next major topic -- however there are a
couple of things that need to be decided on before this can be done. See
README and TODO for some of the most prominent issues.

It would be cool to have more people working on the bindings, but we
probably won't attract any real users before at least one of Etk or Ewl
is done >= 50%. Anyway, I welcome all contributions, so lets see how
this works out.

I invite all who are interested to download the code, play with it, join
the mailing list and get some ideas rolling.




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