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Re: [E-devel] Workload and spare time

On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 19:14:08 +0100 Andrew Williams <andy@handyande.co.uk>

> Hey there edevel folks.
> I spoke briefly to people on the #edevelop channel recently but I
> thought I better let everyone else know. I am officially saying that I
> have no time for coding enlightenment for the next few months or more.
> I will be around now and then and checking my mail but I cannot promise
> to get any work done on e projects in the meantime.
> I will return when workloads on other projects lessen, but I thought I
> better send this out in light of the "getting bounties" and such talks
> of late.
> My hosting and CMS etc will remain available - no worries there.
> Hope to be back into the swing of things soon and I hope you understand
> in the meantime.
> I was thinking just to tidy things up I might put the engage module in
> e_modules in case anyone wants to fix it up after the gadman removal.
> Engage standalone is something I hope to have a minute for now and then
> so I will separate the two.
> Best wishes to all in the meantime and look forward to returning in a
> few months.

it's a shame you will be busy - but we all get busy, so that's ok. i do hope
everything goes well in whatever it is that will be keeping you busy - best of
luck! we hope to see you around anyway - even if it is just idling around and
mumbling and complaining every few days :) we hope to have you back into the
swing of things too once you are un-busy! :)

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