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Re: [E-devel] Evas & Evoak future changes


This would be true on PC, but on embedded device you will really like the idea
of using as much as possible the hardware. Preserving evas ability in this
area is really something important in my opinion.

indeed, but there's a problem. evas manages internally always ARGB
data, so to actually use the hw on evas  the hw should support argb
blittings. on embedded devices it is difficult to find support for 32
bit image data, most of them are 16 bit, this is changing and will
change on the future.

>       But the main reason for this re-design is really to allow
> for both modular engines AND modular objects to work.. not just to
> make it easier to add new engines supporting the current set (or
> an extended set) of objects and/or their properties - though that
> is certainly an added bonus.
>       Each object type is thus a collection of modules, one
> for each engine it may want to provide an optimized implementation
> for.. But it must provide at least one module - the 'generic' one.
> The mechanism is then setup so that this generic module can work
> with ANY engine - so long as the engine provides the required
> buffer functions, and its general gfx context 'derives' from the
> 'generic' one.

This sound really good. Did you already start some work ? After playing a bit
with evas engine, a lot of what you propose make sense and would really like
to help in this area if I can.

great =)


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