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Re: [E-devel] Workload and spare time

Christopher Michael wrote:
David Seikel wrote:
On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 19:14:08 +0100 Andrew Williams
<andy@handyande.co.uk> wrote:

I was thinking just to tidy things up I might put the engage module in
e_modules in case anyone wants to fix it up after the gadman removal.
I welcome the move, and so long as devilhorns agrees, I say go for it.
 If I have time for it before anybody else gets to it, I'll fix up the
gadman issue myself.  For the moment I still have .desktop stuff to
keep me busy.

Engage standalone is something I hope to have a minute for now and
then so I will separate the two.
I thought standalone was deprecated?  Hmm, this will fork the engage
codebase.  Was there much shared code between the two?

No problems here :)

Thought about looking into the gadman engage stuff myself, time permitting. Although not as busy as onefang, hehe, I still have my share of work todo :)

Here's a crazy idea. What about making engage's zooming mode an additional ibar style? It would probably much require that the shelf be below everything (unless you could use shaped icons... does it already do that? I forget.) That way, those who want the fancy zooming can have it and those that want engage that acts as a laucher/taskbar/itray/potato peeler can have it in the standalone app. The engage e17 module lacks most of those features currently anyway.