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[E-devel] ~/.e/e/icons?

Is there a particular use intended for ~/.e/e/icons?  I'm hoping it is
for user created icons.  Then I can just add it to the top off the app
icon search path.

To make users lifes easier, and to help fend of all those "I want to
keep all my custom eaps you bastard, fuck off with your .desktop shit"
tirades, I would like to soon add code that takes all the .eaps in
~/.e/e/applications/all and move then to ~/.e/e/icons, while changing
the name from *.eap to *.edje.  This will mean that they get top
priority when searching for icons, and it helps to make it more obvious
that .edje is still supported for app icons.  I should also extract the
non .edje info and leave a matching .desktop file in
~/.e/e/applications/all that points to the ~/.e/e/icons .edje for its

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