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[E-devel] Edit / create issue in e_border.c

As far as I can tell, you always get the "Create Icon" instead of "Edit
Icon" border menu entry unless bd->app is set.  Typically bd->app is
only set if the border icon came from the E_App, all other methods leave
bd->app empty.  Most of these other methods have priority over the
E_App icon.  So, even though there may already be an E_App (.eap
or .desktop atm) on disk, you may not get to edit it, only create a new

Creating a new E_App from the border menu also sets the bd->app, but
that's not gonna help for pre existing E_Apps.  Also, any number of
things in e_border.c will clear bd->app, I haven't determined what
triggers all of those yet.

If no other border icon is found using other methods, then
e_border_icon_add() uses a couple of methods to search for the E_App.
e_border_icon_add() is used from a few places.  I'm wondering if we
should search for the E_App regardless of any other source of the icon,
so that any pre existing ones can be edited via the border menu.  May
be a performance hit, I dunno yet.  Being less aggressive about
clearing bd->app might also help.  Alternatively, do a search for
bd->app at border menu creation time.

I'm open to suggestions.

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