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Re: [E-devel] WARNING! evil fm bug

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:23:26 +0200 Nikolas Arend <Nikolas.Arend@gmx.net>

> David Seikel wrote:
> >> Taking the risk of sounding very stupid... is this about the file
> >> selection dialog that one gets when e.g. editing an app icon or about
> >> the new built-in file manager? If the latter is true, how do I get the
> >> fm? Since the "Test file manager" entry from the configuration menu is
> >> gone, I cannot find any way to launch it.
> >>     
> >
> > "Test file manager" was just that' a test.  It works and is now used
> > where ever you get to select a file.  No need to have a test menu item
> > for it anymore.  So the fm and the file selector are the same thing.
> >   
> Ah, ok. But for me, a file selection dialog and a file manager are 
> different things, from a functionality point of view. Will there be 
> something like a file manager in e17?

nuts and bolts under the hood - they are the same. they do the same things.
thus the selector == file manager under the hood for us. we have no display
mode right now that works with "traditional icon view". no dnd. etc. etc. - but
that will come. it is on the todo. the same filemanager behind the fileselector
will handle icons on the desktop and a traditional icon view - when i get to
putting that in, but priority right now is to make it work with list views for
file selectors and config dialogs. we had a lot of issues to clean up - and
they are now solved by fm2 (the shorthand name for the new filemanager back

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