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Re: [E-devel] shelf contents

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman), il 30/08/2006 01:03, scrisse:

> see these images:
> http://www.rasterman.com/files/e17-hinting-bytecode.png
> http://www.rasterman.com/files/e17-hinting-auto.png
> http://www.rasterman.com/files/e17-hinting-none.png
> that is what you should see for each hinting mode.

"auto" and "none" looks exactly as I see them here, bytecode is the
best result on your side but the worst on my side :(

> if you don't there is
> something wrong with your freetype build or freetype itself. i have seen before
> that there have been bugs in some versions of freetype regarding hints.

can you tell me what version of freetype you do use?
here I have freetype-2.1.9 installed.

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