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Re: [E-devel] shelf contents

On Tue, 29 Aug 2006 17:09:01 +0200 Massimo Maiurana <maiurana@gmail.com>

> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman), il 29/08/2006 13:19, scrisse:
> >> can I do something to make bytecode looks better (e.g. some options
> >> to recompile freetype)?
> > 
> > yes. your distribution policy has turned off bytecode hinting (this is also
> > the best quality rendering with ttf fonts too as they were designed to allow
> > hinting to produce perfect outlines on pixel displays).
> no, the package I'm currently using was not build by my distribution
> (slackware 10.0).
> some time ago I had "bytecode" option greyed out in the font
> configuration dialog, so I rebuilt freetype enabling the bytecode
> interpreter and bytecode has become a selectable option.
> after that i tried to use bytecode hinting, but it didn't produce an
> acceptable look to me. with bytecode enabled all my fonts looks
> "blurry", with auto hinting I get the best result.


thats what it should look like - with bytecode hinting. something is wrong with
your freetype. NB - i disabled the detecting of "can freetype do bytecode
hinting" etc. because many distributions had broken freetype headers that say
freetype can't do it, when it can, for example (or vice-versa).

see these images:


that is what you should see for each hinting mode. if you don't there is
something wrong with your freetype build or freetype itself. i have seen before
that there have been bugs in some versions of freetype regarding hints.

> at this moment I'm playing with the font settings, and I'm seeing
> that increasing the size of displayed font (from the default 10.0 to
> 11.0) makes bytecode hinting looks much better.
> now, with bytecode hinting, the text of tclock doesn't move anymore
> when displaying the number 3... it moves when displaying the number
> 4... arghh!! :°(
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