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Re: [E-devel] shelf contents

brian.mattern@gmail.com, il 28/08/2006 21:59, scrisse:

>> I opened veramono.ttf with fontforge (a font editor) and it looks
>> like all its chars are indeed of the same size (1233). I don't
>> understand why it moves the string when displaying the number 3 :-?
> Vera Mono works fine here. What Hinting mode are you using?
> (configuration > fonts > hinting)
> Using Bytecode here, and all characters display at the same width.

I was using "automatic" because it's the only hinting mode which
display fine on my desktop (both "bytecode" and "no hinting" looks
ugly here).
indeed with bytecode the string doesn't move, while with no hinting
the string moves when displying the number 1.
so should I live with that (or change the format string to not
display seconds)?
can I do something to make bytecode looks better (e.g. some options
to recompile freetype)?

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