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Re: [E-devel] shelf contents

Massimo Maiurana, il 27/08/2006 10:12, scrisse:

> on a side note, I see that when the hour displayed by tclock ends
> with a "3" (e.g. 10:10:53) the text shifts a little to the right, as
> if the character for the number 3 was narrower than the others.
> does anybody seen this too?

I tried to use other monospace fonts for tclock but every font makes
tclock move the string a little bit at least when diplaying a
certain character.
I opened veramono.ttf with fontforge (a font editor) and it looks
like all its chars are indeed of the same size (1233). I don't
understand why it moves the string when displaying the number 3 :-?

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