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Re: [E-devel] Entranced does not start entrance properly

Eugen Minciu wrote:
> Fixed it.
> Here's a patch that runs /bin/bash first.
> If that doesn't work execl should return so the next line should run after that ( execl("/bin/sh", ...)
> I also found the same issue when entrace starts the session. The same fix finally got everything working corectly.
> BTW, I'm new to this patching thing ... Should I have ran cvs diff -u in e17/apps/entrance so both files would have been inside the same diff?

Yeah, best way to submit a cvs diff is from the root of whatever module
you are changing.  That will pull all changes to the module.  (And then
check it to verify only the changes you want are being submitted.)

> Cheers,
> Eugen.