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[E-devel] Entranced does not start entrance properly

Hi, I have an issue with running entranced.

I have a Debian 3.1 Testing box with XOrg 7.0.0 running. I've compiled Entrance sucessfully but running entranced (either directly, or from /etc/init.d/entrace) does not start entrance itself.

When I run entranced, X starts but entrance does not start within it. After this, entranced bails out, saying it cannot start the X server. However, the X server is successfully started, and it continues to run after entranced has quit.

Also, If i start xinit -e entrace, entrance starts successfuly.

I had already compiled entrance with -g and I tried debugging it, but I'm not a genius at that. It seems to me that before x is started the x_cmd variable is somehow corrupted.

Is there any chance of that happening? How do I turn debugging on so I can see more of what's happening? What other information would you guys want?