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[E-devel] [Evas] double click issues

Hey there,

I've got some problems with the "flags" member of the "mouse down"
events of Evas. Sometimes those flags are not set correctly.

- First example, I have a smart object (an Edje object in this case).
When I click on a part ("part1") of the Edje object, an other part
("part2") is shown and covers up "part1". So now, "part2" receives the
mouse events. Now, if I double-click on "part1", on the first click
"part2" will appear, and the second click will be then received by
"part2", and be detected as a single-click (which is normal since it's
the first click "part2" has received). But when the click event is
propagated to the smart parent (in this case, the edje object), the
mouse flags won't be changed and the edje object will receive a
single-click event while the user has double-clicked on it. So there is
no way to double-click an edje object like this (that's why the icons
can't be double-clicked in the iconbox of Etk). (I've attached a small
program that shows that)

- Second problem, when you double-click in the entry of e17, all the
text is selected. Now, if you click to move the cursor at the mouse
position, and then click at another point of the entry to move the
cursor again, if you do that quickly, the second click will be detected
as a double-click and all the text will be selected.

I think an easy and good solution to these two problems would
be to change the definition of a double-click. I think a double-click
should be two clicks in a quick time interval, *IF* the mouse hasn't
moved between the 2 clicks. I think that's how they are defined in Gtk,
Windows and Qt. Since evas shouldn't be aware of the time, we can not
detect the double-clicks in Evas, so I guess it should be done in
Ecore_Evas. Ecore_Evas already does that, but it doesn't check if the
mouse position has changed. Evas should then just transmit the flags
given by Ecore_Evas to the clicked objects. There is no more need to use
the "last_click_counter" thing that I asked before, since a quick
"click-move-click" sequence won't be detected as a double-click anymore.
The only remaining problem with this solution, is that, in my first
example, if you double-click on the edje object, "part2" will receive a
double-click instead of a single-click. But I don't think that this is
too important.

If you think this solution is better than the current one, I can
implement it.


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