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Re: [E-devel] Suspend functionality for Entrance

Am Thu, 24 Aug 2006 18:43:58 +0300
schrieb Eugen Minciu <minciue@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I'd like to add functionality for a 'suspend to disk' feature in
> Entrance, on Linux boxes. Right now, I'd like to allow this using
> uswsusp, which is the easiest to set up (it does require a very new
> Linux kernel version though). Of course, it should also be easy to
> setup for swsusp2. 
> Suspend to RAM could also be used with uswsusp, though I'm not sure
> about swsusp2.
> Also, I'm not aware of 'suspend to whatever' status in FreeBSD or any
> other supported operating systems at the moment.
Hm, I don´t think entrance would be the best place for this
funtionality, since suspend is normaly used to resume to all open
applications in their current state. 

But a module would be really nice :) I thought about doing such a
module. With config for what should happen on acpi events like
lid-open/close, etc, etc..

If you start making a module, I could do the suspend2 stuff, since it is
the only method that works for me.



> So as I see it right now, I should code the following.
> 1) Check to see wether the OS supports suspend to ram or suspend to
> disk. 2) Add two callbacks for each of the operations.
> 3) Display two buttons for this functionality. In fact it could even
> be 3 buttons as uswsusp can suspend to both at the same time.
> Or maybe we shouldn't even bother with extra buttons
> maybe the user should see a menu, or maybe he should be allowed to
> select a 'default mode of operation', where, if he chooses so, the
> power off button would suspend to hard-drive, or to RAM.
> I'm waiting on your opinion regarding this entire thing. Also, I
> can't do any graphical stuff (clueless) so if I you guys decide you
> want me to do this, I can't be of any help with the graphics.
> Cheers,
> Eugen.
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