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[E-devel] Suspend functionality for Entrance


I'd like to add functionality for a 'suspend to disk' feature in Entrance, on Linux boxes. Right now, I'd like to allow this using uswsusp, which is the easiest to set up (it does require a very new Linux kernel version though). Of course, it should also be easy to setup for swsusp2. 

Suspend to RAM could also be used with uswsusp, though I'm not sure about swsusp2.

Also, I'm not aware of 'suspend to whatever' status in FreeBSD or any other supported operating systems at the moment.

So as I see it right now, I should code the following.

1) Check to see wether the OS supports suspend to ram or suspend to disk.
2) Add two callbacks for each of the operations.
3) Display two buttons for this functionality. In fact it could even be 3 buttons as uswsusp can suspend to both at the same time.

Or maybe we shouldn't even bother with extra buttons
maybe the user should see a menu, or maybe he should be allowed to select a 'default mode of operation', where, if he chooses so, the power off button would suspend to hard-drive, or to RAM.

I'm waiting on your opinion regarding this entire thing. Also, I can't do any graphical stuff (clueless) so if I you guys decide you want me to do this, I can't be of any help with the graphics.