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Re: [E-devel] THEME BREAKAGE (parser)

this is a simple perl parser that might ease your theme's migration to
the new syntax

put it in the dir with your edcs, make sure you have the e_theme_map
file in there also. change the file_prefix variable to whatever you
require. afterwards run it. it should correct the edcs, although it's
not perfect, and it might fail for some cases. Also, in the map file,
the <<remove>> lines have to look like this:

and at least in the [[fileman]], a signal map is missing:
passive         e,state,unselected

report any problems you might find to me.

В вт, 2006-08-22 в 02:40 -0500, brian.mattern@gmail.com написа:
> Since not everyone reads commit logs:
> I just committed a HUGE theme change.
> Almost every signal name and required part name has changed. This means
> that ONLY the default theme will work until someone spends a few hours
> a piece bringing the others up to date...
> A quick and dirty map from old to new is at:
> http://rephorm.com/files/dump/e_theme_map.txt
> A nice clean theme spec will be written up once all the lose ends have
> been tied up.
> rephorm

Виктор Кожухаров /Viktor Kojouharov/

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