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[E-devel] Resizing Edje Parts - on the road to entrance preview

Hiya Everybody,

I've been on a slow road to building a real preview object for entrance_edit_gui. The idea is to always show the full entrance in a small preview window, complete with all the edje effects that the theme or background may have to offer. Eventually too, complete with the greetings, etc. Right now though, all i just want is to display (obviously :) ).

Raster and Codewarrior asked me to look thru e_livethumb subsystem. And I discovered i knew nothing of Esmarts and coding that the evas layer, so I went to fix that and I'm better in that regard now. Here I'm attaching minientrance.tar.gz (NOTE: THE ENTRANCE THEME FILE I USED IS HARDCODED, PLEASE MODIFY B4 YOU COMPILE) which is a complete esmart object for entrance that i'm playing with to understand the problem (apparently, there's an incomplete and not used entrance_smart object in entrance right now, but its well... not quite in use, so its rusty).

The main problem I have with this smart object and infact, in general is that when I load the edje, the main login box, refuses to resize below its min geometry. I do not know if its possible to *force* an edje part to resize below its min width or so. If you compile minientrance, and resize the window, you'll notice the box just refuses to resize with the rest of the ui.

What I was aiming at doing is to instantiate the entrance_smart obj, and give it a size say 100x50, and have it render itself properly as a preview. When I then change the theme or background in the gui config tool, I'll just make the esmart object refresh itself. Basically, i guess once the smart object works well, its all ok. the next issue will be loading it in an etk/ewl canvas or something. But that's another story :)

Am I on the right track? Someone, smack me on the head with a solution/idea :)