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Re: [E-devel] edje gradient fill

>	Once objs can have angles, and we add the notion of path
> objs, like rects, being filled and/or stroked with a texture obj
> (an image or grad obj), then you would have the ability to 'rotate
> after the fill' as you want - but in the same vein as in the vgx
> specs, namely you are filling a *rect* with a texture which is at
> some angle.

	Err.. that should say "rotate 'before' the fill" kind of
	It still wouldn't really do that, it would always resize
to the fill then rotate, but the thing is that you would then
have the ability to specify the rotation angle of one obj rel to
another.. That's really the issue here, that one has these rel
notions of coords but so far only an absolute notion of an angle's
reference axis.
	If really desired, one can also add a horz and vert grad
orientation to edje.. which would just mean that you would interpret
the fill size and/or angles rel to x or y axis, and do the required
things internally.. But I think having fill angles take a ref axis
should get you the same capability as what you wanted.

	Be careful what you commit to in order to get some specific
thing that you may want now... you may make it very difficult to
obtain the same but more powerful and just as desirable things later.
Things like rects, lines, polys (and, in future, paths) will be able
to specify texture objects for stroking and/or filling.