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Re: [E-devel] edje gradient fill

> B) origin/size filling is largely useless for linear grads
> (since its applied before the angle)

	I should add that it's absolutely necessary for the 
resizing to be done before the rotation, or the whole thing
becomes an inconsistent mess.
	The pdf spec for example makes this very clear and

	The thing that may not be obvious here is eg. the way
that grads are used in the svg spec and other such "path based"
object specs.
	You see, there the only objects are 'paths' and they
get filled or stroked with textures like images and grads..
	In evas/edje we have grads and images as objects in
their own right, and though we can take them to be as rects
filled with grads or images, the missing parts that would give
equivalence with things like the svg spec is that evas objs
themselves have angles and that things like rects can be filled
and/or stroked with an image or grad as a texture.

	The angle of an image or grad obj is separate from their
fill-angle. I can add this to grads, rects, lines, poly objs to
evas tomorrow.. but not to image objs. That requires rewriting
a large part of evas' internals.

	Once objs can have angles, and we add the notion of path
objs, like rects, being filled and/or stroked with a texture obj
(an image or grad obj), then you would have the ability to 'rotate
after the fill' as you want - but in the same vein as in the vgx
specs, namely you are filling a *rect* with a texture which is at
some angle.