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Re: [E-devel] edje gradient fill

	Brian writes:

> Since this only makes sense for linear grads, i'll probably
> just add:
> gradient.rel1.relative
> gradient.rel1.offset
> gradient.rel2.relative
> gradient.rel2.offset
> these will only be used by linear grads, overriding fill.angle,
> fill.position.* and fill.size.* if present.
	Here's another possible way that may be simpler:

	Give the angle another parameter besides its value, namely
the line rel to which it's to be taken -- eg. let's write
angle: 30.5  rel_x;
to mean the angle is 30.5 degrees rel to the x axis - this is the
default and would be the same as
angle: 30.5;

	Then besides 'rel_x', you can have 'rel_y' to mean rel to the
y-axis, so that
angle: 30.5  rel_y;
would be the same as
angle: 120.5  rel_x;

	Now, also have a 'rel_xy', meaning rel to the diagonal, ie.
angle: 30.5  rel_xy;
	This would then be the same as
angle: (30.5 + atan2(br_y, br_x))  rel_x;
where br_x, br_y here stand for the x,y coords of the bottom-right

> (you can't use these semantics for images without an additional
> "width perpendicular to orientation line" parameter, which wouldn't
> really be useful in most cases. we'd still need to figure out
> some way of specifying "width of image fill = height of part)

	Sure you could.. there are natural candidates for default
values you can use - as to usefull.. well, that's another matter :)

> too late. i already added rel1/rel2 support to edje.
> my reasoning:
> A) linear gradient are by far the most common.
> B) origin/size filling is largely useless for linear grads (since
> its applied before the angle)
	Not always.. but see above if it may be simpler as a means
of specifying what you want.. or not :)

> Anway, the grad wallpaper dialog works much better now.

	What's a "grad wallpaper dialog"?