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Re: [E-devel] edje gradient fill

> I realized the inconcistancy when I started implementing this
> (still haven't used gradient types other than linear and radial
> yet -- haven't felt like trawling evas' code for the params,
> hint hint  ;) 
	Ahhhhh... That's a deliberate omission - the lack of detailed
documentation on types and their params :)

	You see, the whole idea being that, as far as evas and maybe
edje are concerned, there is really one only one type - linear grads
(with no pre-known params).
	Other grad geometry types, and their params, are outside the
direct scope of evas/edje.

	You can actually have these grad types be run-time loadable..
evas doesn't support this right now, but it would be very easy to
allow (modulo engine specific optimizations), and is something I'd
like to do fairly soon.
	The specifics of what a given type might 'do' or what params
it has, would be known only to that module.

	In edje, the idea would be that type specific data would be
manipulated not by edje itself, but rather thru edje scripting
(modulo edje scripting power), eventualy to be given to evas as the
type_params string data.
	eg. could you write a script funtion that would allow you
to obtain the kind of behavior you described earlier for lin grads?

	Eventually, if evas comes to support loadble object types,
there would then be another entry point to such types (besides the
generic type/type_params api) via their type-specific api.. How that
capability could then be usefult to edje is not fully clear to me
at this point..

	Any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome :)