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Re: [E-devel] e17 hanging

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 05:09:13 -0200 "Chady Kassouf" <chady.kassouf@gmail.com>

> I'm not being able to reproduce this consistently, but sometimes E hangs on
> me,
> at first I thought this was the same issue I've been having with the nvidia
> driver causing a system lockdown, but I changed to the nv driver, and a
> different sort of hang started happening; I can still use the mouse, the
> keyboard, I can switch to a virtual console, but E is just not responding.
> It just happened now, and I got this backtrace, not sure if that's helpful
> enough to determine what's the problem.
> This usually happens when I start firefox without internet connection, and
> the session saver kicks in, and there's some tab with POST data, I think the
> border_free is related to dismissing the firefox message box, but I can't be
> sure of that.

ok- well the deeper problem is that we are aborting due to memory errors - and
this is inside a free() which has set up a pthread lock - which in turn has
then locked out the putenv which set an env var as to why e crashed. so the
crash handler is locked out. now the questions arises - how do i pass this info
along safely to the re-executed process. i'll have to figure out another way.

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