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[E-devel] Getting the window containing an e17 widget


I'm working on the entry of e17 and I'm currently implementing
copy/paste support. For this, I need to call the
ecore_x_selection_clipboard_*() functions which require an "Ecore_X *".
Since the entry is just a simple Evas smart object, there is no
way to get this Ecore_X pointer.

I would also need this to change the pointer of the mouse when the
mouse enters the entry, using the e_pointer_*() functions.
e_pointer_*() requires an "E_Pointer *" pointer.

Both "Ecore_X *" and "E_Pointer *" could be accessed if I could get the
"E_Border *" containing the widget. Do you have any idea how could I
get the border (or another struct that would allow me to get what I
need) that contains the entry?

Simon TRENY <MoOM>