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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

Lyle Kempler wrote:

> Looking at get-e.org, the download page points to the E17 User's Guide,
> which starts with "Installing from CVS". If we instead changed the
> download page to "download this script and run it, you'll need wget and
> tar and bzip2 and ..", then new users could convert over without even
> having to concern themselves about CVS. If the script had the ability to
> download only a portion of the tree -- say, "minimal" vs "gadgets" vs
> "full", etc -- that might also increase everyone's milage. I think a lot
> of this is people just get everything because they're not familar enough
> to know what they need or what might be cool (of course this all goes
> back to packaging, no official recent releases.. etc). The script could
> even check dependencies (which may lower the number of questions we
> get). IIRC, someone may have even proposed this a long time ago..

so these scripts would build all EFL & some set of applications (who
decides what applications?).  Of course we are assuming that these all
build without issue, as in "alice in wonderland".  I have no trust in
scripts for the entire build process when we are talking about pre-alpha

> IMO (and it's a somewhat uninformed one as of late), most users
> want access to "product" and the obstacles to installation send them
> looking to anoncvs.

You have taken a poll of what all users want?  Some of us (users) are
trying to contribute by staying close to the development by building,
from scratch, on the various Linux O/S flavors to quickly surface
issues.  The hope is that it aids the cause.  Admittedly, perhaps we are
not your eventual std end users.

Eventually, when e17 is released I will be working with rpm's on this
Fedora Core system.  For now I build from scratch.

> I'd like to believe that, though instant access to changes is alluring,
> (just look at news sites).. :)
For me, I consider it more than alluring.