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Re: [E-devel] Devian module proposal

That's an interesting idea.
Its definitely possible. You might be limited to a text or very
limited html mail viewer.
However, I believe it is a lot more work on top of the mail module.
Plus, you need to deal with issues like.. which mail do you show on
there? Is it always the latest email? What if the latest email sends
to be spam.. do you really want that on your desktop? Do you want a
whole menu system so the user can select the email to be displayed?

Also, while it sounds like an interesting idea.. I dont see much use
for it when I can see ALL my email (not just one) by firing up my mail

(You know what'd be useful.. a devian mod that prints kernel messages ;))


On 8/19/06, Eugen Minciu <minciue@gmail.com> wrote:
I was thinking it would be very cool if the devian module could have email modules (or devians if you will), that would display the sender , the subject and maybe a snippet from the message body of one's email messages.

Most of the code could probably be reused from the mail module.

Is this possible? Would it be practical? Does anyone else share my opinion that this would be a nice feature? I'm waiting on your thoughts regarding this?


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