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[E-devel] (E16) "label" of the structure "DialogDef" in dialog.h


I'm sort of curious about something.
There are some entries in ja.po file which don't appear
anywhere in e16 environment such as:

#: src/desktops.c:2648
msgid "Areas"
msgstr ""


#: src/settings.c:384
msgid "Placement"
msgstr ""

and so on.

I think those strings seem to be stored in "label" of
DialogDef structure, but it looks like it is not used
anywhere in e16 sources. What use does "label" have?
I mean, I can't tell whether they should be translated
or not because the use of "label" is unknown to me,
though they are contained in the .po file, they are not
appeared anywhere in e16. I guess it may be unnecessary
to translate them.


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