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Re: [E-devel] alloca.h on FreeBSD...

We're missing an autoconf check for alloca.h. I'll add this and commit
it shortly.

On 8/18/06, Anders Troback <enlightenment@troback.com> wrote:

ewl will not build on FreeBSD 6.1 (not tested on other versions) with
#include <alloca.h> in src/lib/ewl_private.h.

Don't know to much about C programing but it's looks like everything is
working just fine without that row (on my FreeBSD system that is:-))!

I can see other programs that uses the alloca.h in the FreeBSD ports
system and they all seams to have patches that removes that line!

Here are a link the to man page of alloca from FreeBSD:


Hope this can be resolved in some way(as usual);-)


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