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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

As I wrote Raster (I wanted to write to this list but my mail client and
I mixed things up), I think the ultimate way of addressing the server
load would be BitTorrent as it is in principal a mirroring system and it
is easy to track the stats (someone  mentioned this is not so easy with
cvs mirrors).

BUT this makes only sense if you don't push a new .torrent out every 12
hours ;)

My proposal would be:

1. a .torrent every month or week when the code is in a good shape (this
can save the server from the /. crowd ;) )
2. tarballs every day or a daily div of the tarball from which the
.torrent was build (keep them till the next .torrent is out and then
keep the sources tarball of all the .torrents)
3. I like the idea of the tarball divs (but is it needed to do this
every 2 hours?)
4. keep anoncvs

How much of the load comes from the gentoo users like me?


5. make 2 ebuilds for the gentoo users one that uses the  tarball from
which the .torrent was build and one that uses the bleedingedge with the
divs (the new 9999 ebuild)

Dominik (Slalomsk8er) Riva