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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

* Eugen Minciu (minciue@gmail.com) wrote:
> I was thinking that you might want to try something if you get a
> second machine up.
> >From the man page of git-cvsimport:
> "Imports a CVS repository into git. It will either create a new
> repository, or incrementally import into an existing one."
> So you might want to try using a "git mirror" of what you guys
> actually have on CVS. Now personally, I think moving to git
> alltogether is much better then this "follow the cvs server" sort of
> thing. There are just a couple of things that are really cool about
> git (and any distributed scm) versus cvs or svn. 
> For those of you who know git well enough, sorry for writing this
> stuff, but I imagine there's an equal number of devs who don't so I
> just wanted to give people an idea on what it's about.

Git is interesting and all, and may offer some development advantages,
but I keep harking back to 2 statements made earlier in this thread: 1)
that we're interested in performance, and 2) the developer base is
pretty small vs the userbase.

In terms of (1), git may run slightly faster in some cases, but you're
saying it's actually a little worse for checkouts (especially fresh
ones, which I would not be surprised to find most users doing as they
build or use Gentoo or whathaveyou).

More importantly, this isn't a thread about developers or even would-be
developers complaining it's too hard to do what they want to contribute
to the source tree due to the SCM choice. This is all about users
checking out code that's in development.

Personally I don't get why we're not creating nightly diffs and a
tarball once a week and letting people use that (it's not exactly
difficult to script). I highly doubt most users care about checkins in
the last few hours, and I suggested doing so I think way back in January
on IRC..


(I had a few minutes to read e-devel. It happens.)