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[E-devel] wallpaper & theme dialogs

Hey all,

I'm currently compiled the lates E cvs, and tried wallpaper and theme
dialogs. So, I have some comments on them. IMHO the wallpaper/theme
list is too small in height and width. It is quite hard to navigate it,
at least for me, since I have to scroll the list too much. For example I
have 5 themes installed, and I can see just two of theme in the
selector. My current theme is the one before the last in the list. So,
order to set the first theme I have to scroll the list. Would not be
better to make these selector lists bigger, at least in height? Then I
think the navigation would be much easier.



Aleksej Struk
Master Degree Student
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Faculty of Computer Science
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