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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

It is better (imho) the disk space issue is valid, BUT it is not
server-side but client site.
The svn repo is pretty light on the server (no heavier than CVS, cp
commands are lightweight copies which can help) but on the client side
there is pretty much 2 copies of everything (i.e. a cache of the server
- this makes diff etc light on bandwidth).

I think it will help load a lot, it has done in my other projects already.


Inc wrote:
well, I've done a bit of a research on SVN vs. CVS. The general census is that SVN was created to improve and replace CVS. I have heard its kinder to network resources and cpu usage and what not. The only thing is that it needs more disk space. Which honestly with the servers that we are looking at, that shouldn't matter. Also, yes this is a slightly stupid reason to use SVN, but I have enjoyed using SVN with trac for the web based source browser... It provides a great wiki / landmarks and what not. I enjoy it. Anyways thats just my take on the SVN vs. CVS

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