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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 01:07:12 +0300 Eugen Minciu <minciue@gmail.com> babbled:

> Well I went outside for a while and it did me good. I have a new ideea for
> testing out the scm servers. Yay ;)
> Instead of trying to actually save the items on my hard disk I'll try to
> redirect them to /dev/null. I allready saw how I can do this with cvs and I
> hope I'll find a way to do it with both svn and git.
> So I'll be modifying the script, I'll have it create around 500 threads so
> that each thread will receive about 10K/s. I guess that should be a pretty
> acurate description of how much load a large system takes upon itself.

actually - i think we need to know how this works WITH data on disk - why? some
scm's may invoke much more disk IO than others and thus bottleneck at the disk
earlier than others. we need to know. unless you mean save on the client side -
then thats fine. but its server-side we really care about here - remember :)

word seems to have it that git is "da shitsnizzle" when it comes to performance
- but i am going to want to see the numbers. how many clients can connect and
checkout and/or update and how long does it take vs. the load on the server etc.

> Cheers,
> Eugen.
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