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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

On Tuesday, 15 August 2006, at 15:04:06 (-0700),
Inc wrote:

> well, thats what this is KainX. I have pretty much secured a donated
> box. I have also been working with raster to find the right box for
> us to buy. the place that I was going to have host the mirror said
> that its time for us to go get our own box, so I let raster know
> that. I'll update you more on the specs of the donated server and
> the price of the other as soon as my contacts get back to me....
> I've been working to get boxes donated... I've contacted a few
> places but no other luck besides the one box.... so far.....

It seems to me that our best bet would be to get the donated box
online and start dividing the load between the two anoncvs boxes.  We
may not need a 2nd box.

On Wednesday, 16 August 2006, at 00:08:18 (+0200),
Kim Woelders wrote:

> It seems to me that our SCM system feature requirements are
> extremely limited. We hardly ever tag or branch, let alone do
> merging between branches or anything resembling changeset
> management.

I know you tag quite a bit, and I personally maintain at least 2
branches at any one time.

> Unless there happens to be an SCM system that is just incredibly
> more efficient than CVS I also think that we would make a change for
> the wrong reason. Changing SCM system should IMO be done only if we
> want/need particular features not available in CVS.

Hear hear!


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