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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

It seems to me that our SCM system feature requirements are extremely
limited. We hardly ever tag or branch, let alone do merging between
branches or anything resembling changeset management.

I think CVS amply provides the features we need. It's simple and robust.
It's far from perfect, but as Michael says - It's the devil we know.

I don't believe changing SCM will make any significant difference to the problems that we appear to have, except possibly on a very short term. Even in the unlikely case that some SCM system is twice(four/ten/... times) as fast as CVS the problem we have will resurface if/when the user base grows accordingly.

Unless there happens to be an SCM system that is just incredibly more efficient than CVS I also think that we would make a change for the wrong reason. Changing SCM system should IMO be done only if we want/need particular features not available in CVS.

In the unfortunate case that it is concluded that we want to switch away from CVS I hope it will be to git. Not because I know it from personal experience, but simply because it is used by linux and xorg, which are two projects I respect.